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Top 10 Wedding Cake Tips

Planning a wedding can be a long and tiring event but we all know that one of the best moments is choosing your wedding cake, tasting those wide range of flavours and eating cake for breakfast a week (or two) after your wedding.

Below you will find Chemily's Cakes' Top 10 Wedding Cake Tips that will hopefully make the "wedmin" that bit more easy.

Tip 1 - Booking Your Venue

Some people would question why it is important when choosing your wedding cake. Your wedding venue is the start of your wedding cake inspiration. We cake makers will ask what venue you have booked to make sure your cake suits the surroundings, whether it be a rustic barn or a high end manor house. All the little things matter when designing your perfect wedding cake. A cake maker will also need to check their availability for your wedding date!

Tip 2 - Mood Boards

You can never have enough! Get yourself on Pinterest, Instagram, etc, and start putting your ideas together. Now this doesn't need to be pictures of cakes, it can be flowers, bridesmaid dresses, themes of your wedding and even your interests as a couple. A cake maker wants to make your cake as personal as it possibly can be and therefore all these things matter. 

Tip 3 - Florist

If you are wanting flowers at your wedding, and therefore on your wedding cake, booking your florist is a good start (unless you have a family member/friend doing them for you).  It is not necessary to have your florist booked before your cake, but when you do, a cake maker will most likely ask you to share your florist's details. Here at Chemily's Cakes I will always coordinate with your florist to make sure the flowers on your cake match perfectly with the surrounding decoration. This is something to remember when booking your wedding cake - checking whether the quote you have received  includes the flowers or whether you have to organise them yourself. 

Tip 4 - Picking Your Cake Maker

Cake makers have a style, some like to be more diverse and cover most types of cake however some have a specific style. Make sure you check whether the cake maker actually does the style you like, a great place to start is by checking their website, Instagram, etc. Secondly, you can tell a lot about a person from the way they communicate with you, make sure you are happy, don't just pick someone because you hear they are the best, find out for yourself. 

Tip 5 - Wedding Fairs and Open Days

Meet your potential baker. If you are able to, go meet your potential cake maker at Wedding Fairs or Open Days. It is a good way to meet the cake maker face to face before you even decide to book. They are attending those events to help couples so feel free to ask them anything and everything about your wedding cake.

Tip 6 - Tasty Flavours

The best part of the wedding cake - trying those tasty flavours. Make sure your cake maker does the flavours you are looking for. Not all cake makers do the same flavours, and you would need to check this before you jump the gun and book. Before you even book with your cake maker, there is sometimes the option to order some tasters. It is a good way to check whether you like the cake maker's flavours and even texture of their cake. 

Tip 7 - Extras to Match

I may be biased but cake is definitely the best part of the wedding process... oh and marrying your true love. So make sure you share the love with a little treat or two. Cake suppliers provide cakes, yes, but they also provide little extras, well Chemily's Cakes does anyway! From wedding favours, to cupcake towers, to dessert tables, to place settings and so on. A beautiful way to match your wedding cake into your overall theme is to add that little bit extra to your big day - after all, it is your day so spoil yourself.

Tip 8 - Placement of your Wedding Cake

One thing that most brides and grooms won't think about when planning their big day is the placement of their cake. The placement of your wedding cake shouldn't be brushed over. The time and love that has gone into your wedding cake should be displayed for all your guests to see.  Make sure you ask your wedding venue where the cake will be diaplyed and that you are happy with the placement, the backdrop and also that you will be in the best position for your "cutting the cake" photograph. The cake is a piece of art, you want your guests to see the time and effort you have put into choosing your perfect wedding cake.

Tip 9 - Trust your Cake Maker and Relax

Speaking from Chemily's Cakes point of view, I absolutely love what I do, and I wouldn't able to do what I do if I didn't. Each cake made at Chemily's Cakes takes time. The work and dedication that goes into each cake is individually personal. A cake maker will take the time to get to know their couple, they want to make sure the couple's cake is perfect for their big day. Trust your cake maker, feel free to ask them anything, send your ideas, and most of all, relax and know that you don't need to lift finger...except to eat CAKE! 

Tip 10 - EAT CAKE!

My main, and most important, tip is to make sure you actually eat your own wedding cake! Sounds silly really, but you will be surprised how busy you will be on your wedding night celebrating with the people you love. It is easy to forget to eat your own cake. If you are wanting to take a piece of each flavour home, don't be shy and simply ask your venue to pop aside some for you to take home. The perfect way to unwind from the excitement of your wedding.  

Now head over to https://www.chemilyscakes.co.uk/pricing-and-info to order your taster box and then you can sit down with a cup of tea and some yummy cake whilst going through the fun of 'Wedmin'!

Emily x


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