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A Two Tier Cake From Start to Stack

All About This Course

Unlock the artistry of cake design with Chemily's comprehensive online tutorial course. From foundational techniques to intricate details, master every step in creating a stunning two-tier cake with Chemily's Cakes. Join me, Emily, as I guide you through the process, ensuring your creations become the centrepiece of unforgettable celebrations. Elevate your skills with this immersive course, tailored for both beginners and experienced bakers alike. This course includes the following: 1. Introduction to The Course 2. Trimming Your Sponges 3. Filling Your Tiers • Filling Your Bottom Tier • Filling Your Top Tier 4. Using Ganache as a "Crumb Coat" • Preparing Your Ganache • Ganaching Your Bottom Tier • Ganaching Your Top Tier • Seeing the Results (Please note this course does not include my ganache recipe) 5. Covering Your Tiers in American Buttercream • Introducing My Buttercream • Ingredients for My GO TO Recipe including my AMERICAN BUTTERCREAM PDF RECIPE • Making The Buttercream • Adding Buttercream to Your Bottom Tier • Adding Buttercream to Your Top Tier 6. How To Get Sharp Buttercream Edges • Creating a Sharp Top to Your Bottom Tier • Creating a Sharp Top to Your Top Tier 7. Stacking Your Two Tier Cake • Introduction to Stacking including my ULTIMATE PDF GUIDE • The Equipment You Will Need • Dowelling Your Bottom Tier • Adding Your Top Tier • The Central Dowel • Filling "The Gap" • Your Cake is Fully Stacked - YAY 8. Thank you & Happy Baking. Please note this course does not include how to bake your sponges or any other recipes or guides unless stated above. Please also note that the cake used in this tutorial was for content purposes only and so do make sure when you are baking you tie your hair back and keep to your normal health & safety regulations.


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