Chemily's Cakes' American Dark Chocolate Buttercream & White Chocolate Buttercream Recipe for filling a cake OR covering cupcakes (not recommended for covering a cake).


This is a PDF download for Chemily's Cakes' Dark Chocolate Buttercream and White Chocolate Buttercream Recipe ONLY.


This is a recipe for a creamy and smooth textured american dark or white chocolate buttercream which Chemily's uses for filling her cakes and covering cupcakes ONLY - **not for covering cakes**


***Please note this is NOT Chemily's White American Buttercream Recipe - please see my other recipes for this***


As always, please get in touch with any questions you may have during your baking of any Chemily's Cakes' recipes! Please note that once purchased, this is for your use only, sharing of this document is prohibited.

Chemily's Cakes' Dark & White Chocolate Buttercream Recipe