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Chemily's Cakes' Social Media & Marketing Guide for Beginners gives you an insight into what I, Emily, did to help grown my business at the start and the key things that I believe are important for a business on social media (instagram only). 


It goes over little details of social media (instagram only) that I have learned along the way. I am completely self taught and therefore it is important to note that these are all my little tips, not from a professional marketing point of view, but from a home baker, turned professional wedding designer, who loves a little bit of social media!


Please note this is a guide for beginners or bakers that don't really know how to organise their instagram. It is designed to give you that boost if you are unsure on where to start. This is aimed at baker/cake maker accounts.


This is a 7 page PDF download only.


As always, please get in touch with any questions you may.


Please note that once purchased, this is for your use only, sharing of this document is prohibited. 

Social Media & Marketing Guide for Beginners

  • Once you proceed through checkout and make your payment a confirmation page will apear where you can download the PDF.


    You will also receive a confirmation email which inlcudes the PDF Download. Please note this download link is valid for 30 days ONLY. 


    Refunds are not available for any PDF download.

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